World Encephalitis Day Conference 2021 Videos

Dr. Mastura Monif
Australian Autoimmune Encephalitis Consortium Study

Australia Community member, Kate & Maureen Shane

Dr. Phil Britton
Childhood Encephalitis: Where Are We in 2021?

New Zealand Community member Kristine Bruce

Dr. Tom Pollak
Encephalitis and mental health: the role of (neuro)psychiatry

UK Community member Pete Crane

Prof. Jerome Honnorat
Which role of genetics in autoimmune encephalitis?

USA Community member Daisy Guruvadoo

Dr. Michael Racke
Neurological complications of COVID-19

Prof. Tom Solomon
Covid-19 and the Brain

Dr. Carol Glaser
Encephalitis in Children: A Look Into the Knowns and Unknowns and Recent Progress

Dr. Gregory Day
Challenges in the diagnosis and management of NMDAR encephalitis.

USA Community member Matt Willette

Dr. Omar Siddiqi
The Impact of Encephalitis in sub-Saharan Africa

USA Community member Alton Stockton



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